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Girls welfare initiatives

There has been a very successful goal setting workshop for the girls at Hunters Hill High School

Our goal setting workshop was designed to help Year 11 and 12 female students reflect upon their lives. The girls were encouraged to create a 2020 vision, a 5-year plan for their finances, personal skills, character, grades and career path to achieve a common goal and, in turn, fulfil a vision.

The workshop was a success with many students checking their accountability with a mentor, as well as the girls welfare advisor. Students are aiming to achieve both short and long term goals.

'It excited me to know, that I have the ability to choose my future and the paths I can take. Planning is half of that process and I'm so glad that I have the resources to start now,' said Courtney Johnston, a Year 11 student.

'The future makes me a little nervous, but having something to aim towards, gives me the confidence to conquer,' said Monique Ustunoglu, a Year 12 student.

Stay tuned for video testimonials!

Years 8, 9 and 10 yoga by the water

The heartfelt cry of Years 9 and 10 girls has been heard. A yoga by the water class took place in Term 1 and will continue over the course of Term 4. Year 8 girls will have the opportunity to get involved in Term 4.

In Term 1, our Year 9 and 10 girls enjoyed having an hour each week to relax, revitalise and stretch out their stress. There really has been no other way to spend the afternoon, than to soak up the summer sun, and exercise by the water. It has been a great way to unwind.

'After walking out of yoga, I feel like I've had a good night’s sleep. My body is so relaxed and everything I was thinking about when I walked in is no longer lingering,' said Lexus Joubert, a Year 9 student.

'Getting to exercise next to an amazing view is awesome; but being able to participate in one of the most relaxing activities for free next to this view, is just a bonus,' said Charlotte Jones, a Year 9 student.

Years 9 and 10 self defence and anti-bullying seminar

Hunters Hill High School has a reputation for outstanding support of its students as they negotiate their secondary education and transition through their teenage years. Whilst social media has many benefits, it can have a negative influence on our young people. To assist our students manage social media effectively and minimise its negative effects, in Term 3, Brett Sanders, an ex-police officer, will present the 'Stage 1 Back Off' seminar.

In this seminar, Brett will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • fear management
  • belief systems
  • self-motivation
  • negative role models
  • dealing with harassment
  • how the harasser thinks
  • offender psychology
  • pro-active strategies
  • effective options.