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A Musical Affair 2020 and Ensembles Songs 2020

When the world is turned upside down and our 'normals' have changed, it's even more important that the show must go on! 

Hunters Hill High Schools Musical Affair turned into a mashup of performances and music videos. Our Ensemble groups kept practicing, playing and performing throughout the year despite lockdown and distancing and they still produced a range of items that showcased in our Musical Affair.

Instead of creating stage production performances for the Musical we redesigned each item to be recorded in our new audio recording studio and established a film and editing student team to create music videos. All these music videos were filmed and edited by our students.

Big congratulations to those students, teachers, tutors and parents who were involved and worked tirelessly throughtout the year to support and contriubute to all aspects of our 'Musical Affair' production!

Please take the time to watch both videos - which are really quite entertaining!

Miss Tombs and Miss Colligan - The Musical Coordination Team   

A Musical Affair 2020

Ensembles Songs 2020