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Bring your own device

Hunters Hill High School follows the Department of Education's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) procedures.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a policy being introduced in 2019 at Hunters Hill High School as part of a process of improving the digital literacy of students and provide them with life-long skills for future study and employment. Year 7 students will be expected to bring their own personal electronic device to school (not including a mobile phone) which will enable them to access the curriculum which is being taught at Hunters Hill High School. The use of mobile devices at school will deepen learning, will be personalised and student-centred, and will assist in meeting the expectations of teachers, students, parents and caregivers. BYOD will enable staff to provide students with a range of learning opportunities which can be individually tailored to each subject area and provide students with a range of electronic resources which would not be available through traditional classroom methods. In addition, students will utilise the OneNote program to ensure that all their work, across all subjects, is located in one place to assist them with their organisation as they transition into high school life.     

The procedures below allow secondary students to bring a device of their choosing to school and connect to our Wi-Fi network. The BYOD program is mandatory for students in Year 7 in 2019 but the school is also encouraging students in other year groups to bring a device, if they choose to, as part of this program. It is important that if a student chooses to bring their own device, they comply with the rules and procedures explained in the below attachments. Please note, some devices may not connect to our network. This is because our network is a 5 gigahertz network and some devices (mostly older laptops) will only connect to a 2.5 gigahertz network. If your device does not connect to our network you will need to purchase a USB dual-band wireless network adaptor. These adaptors can be purchased from electronic shops for approximately $50.        

It is to be noted that whilst the program is currently only compulsory for Year 7 students in 2019, many teachers are already utilising online programs using the school's existing devices. Essentially students bring a device (mandatory in Year 7, 2019 or if they choose in other year groups) and are then able to connect to the Department of Education's wireless network and use the device in their class (instructions below).

Device selection is at the discretion of families. Hunters Hill High School does not recommend a specific device or brand, however our advice to parents and carers is that the minimum requirement is a Chromebook . The power and speed of a Chromebook is good enough for the main activities of browsing, writing and editing text-based documents and for nearly every learning activity at school.  If a family is looking at purchasing a new device for their child they should consider a laptop with the following minimum specifications: 4GB RAM, processor 1.5 GHz, solid state drive no smaller than 128GB, wireless 5 GHz 802.11n, battery life minimum 6 hours, USB port(s), RJ54 port, VGA port and a padded carry bag. The device MUST also have a keyboard.     

We are pleased to advise that Hewlett Packard (HP) has set up a special portal for Hunters Hill High School for your consideration at the following link: 

This portal contains HP devices only, but as an option, may make it easier for our parent community to purchase a device. On this portal, parents have a choice of multiple devices of varying power and price. All pricing on each BYOD device through HP includes 3 Years Onsite Warranty along with the option for parents to purchase Accidental Damage Protection (ADP). HP have included an eCoupon code hunters5% for purchase between now and the end of the year (2018). When parents make a online purchase, please add the eCoupon code at check-out and a 5% discount will come off the total order with all pricing including delivery.

Please note, you do not have to buy from HP but it is an option to consider. You can buy other brands that suit your needs but must meet the above specifications.       

It is important to understand the school takes no responsibility for the device. Students must download the below permission note, print, sign and return to their Mentor Group teacher before they start using their device. Staff will have access to students who have permission.

Please carefully read the following documents. Once you understand the Hunters Hill High School BYOD procedures, print and return the HHHS BYOD Program - User Charter and Permission Form to your Mentor Group teacher.

For further information, please contact our Mr David Sherwin, Mr Warren Pickles, Mr John Range on 9817 4565 or refer to the information below.

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