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Bring your own device

Hunters Hill High School follows the Department of Education's bring your own device (BYOD) procedures.

These procedures allow all secondary students to bring a device of their choosing to school and connect to our wi-fi network. It is important that if a student chooses to bring their own device, they comply with the rules and procedures explained in the below attachments. Please note, some devices may not connect to our network. This is because our network is a 5 gigahertz network and some devices (mostly older laptops) will only connect to a 2.5 gigahertz network. If your device does not connect to our network you will need to purchase a USB dual band wireless network adaptor. These adaptors can be purchased from electronic shops for around $50.        

Essentially students bring a device (if they choose) and are able to connect to the Department of Education's wireless and use the device in their class, if permissible by the teacher (instructions below).

Device selection is at the discretion of families. Hunters Hill High School does not recommend a specific device or brand. If a family is looking at purchasing a new device for their child they should consider a laptop with the following minimum specifications: 4GB RAM, processor 1.5 GHz, solid state drive no smaller than 128GB, wireless 5 GHz 802.11n, battery life minimum 6 hours, USB port(s), RJ54 port, VGA port and a padded carry bag.     

It is important to understand the school takes no responsibility for the device and no technical support is available. Students must download the below permission note, print, sign and return to their roll call teacher before they start using their device. Staff will have access on their rolls to students who have permission.

Please carefully read the following documents. Once you understand the Hunters Hill High School BYOD procedures, print and return the Hunters Hill High School BYOD permission note (PDF 224KB) to your roll call teacher.

For further information, please contact our Deputy Principal, Mr Josh Gane or refer to the information below.

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