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Bring your own device

Hunters Hill High School complies with the Department of Education's policy on student use of digital devices and online services.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a policy that was introduced in 2019 at Hunters Hill High School as part of a process of improving the digital literacy of students and provide them with life-long skills for future study and employment. Students are expected to bring their own personal laptop to school which will enable them to access the curriculum which is being taught at Hunters Hill High School.

The use of laptops at school will deepen learning, will be personalised and student-centred, and will assist in meeting the expectations of teachers, students, parents and caregivers. BYOD will enable staff to provide students with a range of learning opportunities which can be individually tailored to each subject area and provide students with a range of electronic resources which would not be available through traditional classroom methods.

In addition, students will learn how to organise their work electronically as they transition in to high school life. 

The BYOD program is mandatory for all students in all years from 2021.

If a family is looking at purchasing a new laptop for their child they should consider a Windows 10 laptop with the following minimum specifications: 4GB RAM, solid state drive no smaller than 128GB, dual-band WiFi, and a padded carry bag. Smartphones and tablets such as iPads are not suitable devices. Not all laptops in computer shops support dual-band WiFi.

Although 4GB of RAM is sufficient for most software, students are able to access the Adobe Creative Cloud software for free via the DET student portal. For that reason, it is recommended that you consider increasing the RAM to 8GB.

We are pleased to advise that Hewlett Packard (HP) has set up a special portal for Hunters Hill High School for your consideration at the following link: and enter the school code HuntersHHS

On this portal, parents have a choice of multiple devices of varying power and price. All pricing on each BYOD device through HP includes 3 Years Onsite Warranty along with the option for parents to purchase Accidental Damage Protection (ADP). HP have included an eCoupon code hunters5% to gain a further discount. When parents make an online purchase, please add the eCoupn code at the check-out and a 5% discount will come off the total order with all pricing including delivery.

For further information from Hewlett Packard, please watch this brief video which summarises the benefits of the HP BYOD portal:

HHHS - Hewlett Packard BYOD

Please note, you do not have to buy from HP but it is an option to consider. You can buy other brands that suit your needs but the laptop you purchase must meet the above specifications.       

It is important to understand the school takes no responsibility for damage to or loss of a student's laptop.

To support families who need initial assistance with the BYOD requirement, we may be able to make available Chromebooks for one-term loans through the Library. We ask families who anticipate needing this support to contact the Relieving Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, Ms Austin, so that we can assess and manage device avilability. Ms Austin will ask you to complete a Device Request Form. Ms Austin can be contacted via email at

As part of the school enrolment process there are two documents that need to be read and signed by students and parents/carers. These documents describe:

1. The conditions of use of the school computer resources and network

2. Behaviour and usage standards for students using their BYOD laptop

For further information, please contact Mr John Range via the school email ( or refer to the information below.

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