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4Cs Learning Disposition Wheel

4Cs Learning Dispostion Wheel

The Learning Disposition Wheel has also been an integral part of our Transforming Schools journey. The Learning Disposition Wheel contains three interdependent domains: 

Interpersonal: the capacity to express, interpret and respond to messages from others

Intrapersonal: the capacity of self-regulating emotions and behaviours to achieve goals

Cognitive: the capacity to think and reason

Within each of these domains are three dispositions. Altogether, these nine dispositions make up the learning disposition wheel.

You will notice that each of the three domains is equal in size, just as the nine dispositions are equal in size. This is to recognise that all of the domains and all of the dispositions are necessary in being an effective, lifelong learner.

This means, it is not enough to have good thinking skills (cognitive domain) . Instead, as learners, we need to be able to self-regulate (intrapersonal domain) as well as engage with others (interpersonal domain). For example, we need to demonstrate empathy and be able to connect our learning with the experiences of others. We need to demonstrate grit and be able to seek out and attend to tasks that may be challenging.

The Learning Disposition Wheel has been particularly useful in establishing common language and a shared understanding of learning. Teachers utilise the wheel in many aspects of their teaching. Particularly at the beginning of the year or term, the tool is useful in assisting students to recognise their strengths and areas for development, and in turn, supporting students to develop their own learning goals.

4Cs Learning Disposition Wheel