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Career education is concerned with developing an awareness of career options and skills to cope with further education and entry into the workforce.

Career education includes learning activities and experiences which foster the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help students respond in purposeful ways to opportunities and change.

Students at the school will be instructed in career decision-making and job acquisition skills through involvement in the following activities:

  • small group career lessons
  • individual counselling
  • careers markets, open days (industrial and educational)
  • visiting speakers
  • careers reference centre
  • intensive preparation for TAFE (technical and further education) and tertiary institutions applications
  • work experience.

The activities are structured to take into consideration the different interests and abilities of the individual, as well as an awareness of the change in society affecting further education and employment. The Careers Adviser, Mr D Bastian, has a careers reference centre in room 212 and is available for consultation with students and parents at pre-arranged times.

Year 10 students receive lessons in job selection and acquisition skills and preparation for work experience. Year 12 students are given assistance with tertiary education and/or career selection.

Students have the chance to exercise job-seeking skills and increase their career awareness. Employers are contacted and visited, and employers, parents, students and teachers are involved in an evaluation process. This program is integrated into the school's total career education program and represents an important aspect of the educational and vocational development of each student. Students are encouraged to develop a career file of options and opportunities related to the world of work and further education.

Career studies

Fortnightly, Year 10 careers lessons provide students with skills in all stages of job applications, navigating online resources to determine appropriate pathways, and preparation and execution of the work experience program. Additionally, these lessons will guide students through the subject selection process for senior years to ensure they elect a pattern of study that will give them the best opportunities for the future.

If you have an enquiry about the work experience program, or if your student is keen to set up a placement early, please contact the careers advisor for relevant and current documentation.

Work studies

The work studies curriculum is designed to give students practical skills and prepare them for the world of work. Through a variety of activities such as mock interviews, participation in the $20 boss challenge, barista courses and a variety of excursions, students develop a strong skill-set to make them work-ready. This course compliments other key learning areas (KLAs) by highlighting connections between in-class learning and real-world experience.