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Curriculum and Activities: Careers Education

Careers Education at Hunters Hill High School comprises a multifaceted approach to expose students to an ever-changing world of work.

Throughout Year 10, every student participates in fortnightly Careers lessons to prepare them with basic skills and equip them with knowledge of the workforce, their rights, and an understanding of their skills and abilities. Students will learn how to navigate a variety of online resources to assist them in their decision making, learn how to write resumes, and prepare for job interviews. Activities are structured to take into consideration the different interests and abilities of the individual, as well as an awareness of the change in society affecting further education and employment. Additionally, they will gain real-world experience through participation in the Work Experience program.

The Careers Education program gives senior students the opportunity to meet with industry experts, attend the University Guest Speaker Series, and attend a variety of excursions to explore their options in an ever-changing world of work. They are actively encouraged to contact the Careers Advisor for one-on-one interviews to help them figure out the best pathway for them. Seminars run every term on University and TAFE updates, application procedures, scholarship writing workshops and additional criteria for different degrees.

All students are encouraged to sign up to the website (contact Ms Polak for the school password). This website has a wealth of information and resources for parents and students alike. Additionally, students can visit the Hunters Hill High School Careers website at and check the noticeboard for updates, events and information. Individual career counselling is available to all students. This can be arranged by emailing Ms Polak at or visiting her in the Careers Office.

Subject Area: Career Studies


Fortnightly Year 10 Careers lessons provide students with skills in all stages of job applications, navigating online resources to determine appropriate pathways, and preparation and execution of the Work Experience program. Additionally, these lessons will guide students through the Subject Selection process for senior years to ensure they elect a pattern of study that will give them the best opportunities for the future.

If you have an enquiry about the Work Experince program, or if your student is keen to set up a placement early, please contact the Careers Advisor for relevant documentation.