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Parents and citizens' association

The Hunters Hill High School Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C) extends a warm welcome to all parents and invites them to its meetings. All meetings are held at the school and usually take place on a Monday evening at 7pm during Week 3 and Week 8 of the school term, and provide an opportunity for all parents and citizens to participate in its activities.

We are proud of our successes in providing amenities which are not financed by the Department of Education, and we gain pleasure from working together for the benefit of the children. We are always in need of support, so if you would like to come along to our meetings, we would be pleased to see you.

Our P&C brings the school community together. Parents, teachers and community members can help meet the needs of the school community and contribute to decisions about the school. The P&C also raises funds that help finance improvements to our school and provide additional resources. P&C meetings take place in the Staff Common Room, down the stairs from Student Reception, at 7pm OR via google meet. (TBC prior to each meeting due to COVID-19)

P&C Website

As of November 2019, the P&C have their own website. Forms, Minutes and Agendas can be found at: 


2020 P&C Committee

President - Ms Jacqueline Crompton -

Vice President - Mr Chris Kimber

Secretary - Mr Phil Hurrell -

Treasurer - Ms Olejuru Lanfear -

Executive Member - Ms Simone Concha


Uniform Shop Sub-Committee Convenor - Mr Chris Kimber -

Dance Coordinator - Ms Jessica Kimber -

Music Coordinators - Ms Jenny Nyland -

Canteen Coordinator - TBC -

Fundraising/Promotions Coordinator - Ms Olejuru Lanfear -

Environment Coordinator - Mr Simon Hirst -

Representative Narellan District P&C Council - Ms Jacqueline Cromptom -

Social Events

The P&C hosts several social functions each year, including a welcome function for new parents, fundraising events and drinks on the balcony at the end of the year.

We presently seek social and event coordinators. We welcome your ideas and a little of your time. If you are interested please contact us at

Sponsorship, alliances and special projects

The P&C would like to extend a welcome to parents, businesses, friends of the school and ex-student alumni to help with improvement and beautification projects for the school.

We are presently looking for sponsorship team members; a small contribution of your time and enthusiasm can yield big differences. If you can help please contact us at

Notice of next Meeting: 

The next meeting of the P&C is on Monday 3 August 2020 commencing at 7pm via google meet (due to COVID-19). For further information and how to join the meeting on the night, please contact the P&C Secretary on the email address listed above. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Future General Meetings:

Term 3 - Week 8: Monday 7 September 2020 at 7pm 

Term 4 - Week 3: Monday 26 October 2020 at 7pm 

Term 4 - Week 8: 30 November 2020 at 7pm 


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