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The canteen policy is determined by the canteen committee with input from students, staff and interested parents. This policy is in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Department of Education for healthy canteens.

The canteen is open each school day. The telephone number is 02 9817 2342. For more information, download the: 

How to order your lunch at the Hunters Hill High School canteen

  1. Come to the canteen before school starts or at recess.
  2. Get a white paper bag from the counter. Grab a pen or pencil.
  3. Write what you would like for lunch on the bag, there no need for names.
  4. Wait for a canteen lady or gentleman.
  5. Pay for your order.
  6. You will be given a ticket with a number on it (which will also be on your lunch order bag).
  7. At lunch time, come to the canteen counter and present your ticket.
  8. Your lunch will be waiting for you without joining the big queues.

Specials are available each day from the canteen which are not available every day. Current specials:

  • Mondays – chicken burgers/sushi
  • Tuesdays – pizza singles (bacon and cheese/ham and pineapple)
  • Wednesdays – chilli chicken wraps
  • Thursdays – sushi/hamburgers/butter chicken
  • Fridays – chilli chicken wraps/butter chicken.

Ordering your lunch ensures you get your first choice. If you didn't order your lunch you will just have to buy what is on offer or what is left. However if you did order your lunch, you can have whatever you like on any day of the week with the exception of sushi (which is only kept for the day it comes in) or perhaps butter chicken (which comes in fresh on Thursdays).

Please note, students are not allowed to purchase food or drink items from the canteen during class times.

The current Hunters Hill High School canteen price list is included above for parents and students. Prices have unfortunately risen since 2017 as our suppliers have increased their prices. We have also taken into account the new recyclable tariff on drink bottles. Students will not be able to claim the 10-cent rebate on drink bottles at our school – they will have to take them to a known recycling centre for their refund.

Also included above is a copy of our Term 1 canteen roster. We like to have at least two volunteers on each day and as you can see on the roster, there are quite a few days where we could use extra help!  If you are able to assist at all, please call our canteen manager, Bronwyn Clark, on 0421 571 297 or during school hours on 02 9817 2342.

For our new Year 7 students, we have a number of book packs still available for sale at the canteen. The cost is $40 and includes all the stationery requirements for each subject for Year 7 students.

For your convenience, the canteen also stocks stationery items (various prices) and calculators ($30) approved for use in exams. Stationary items can be purchased during canteen opening hours each day from 8:40am to 2pm.

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