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Uniform Shop

(New Uniform Shop Management from Term 4, 2019)

During Term 3, 2019, the P&C decided to contract out the mangagement of the school Uniform Shop and Sustainable Schoolwear was chosen as the service provider. Sustainable Schoolwear are now staffing and managing the day to day operations of the shop, while the P&C retains ownership of the stock and the business as a whole. The Uniform Shop is located in K Block.

Please note, as new stock is required Sustainable Schoolwear will be providing items produced sustainably using fabrics grown using sustainable practices, reducing landfill by using polyester made from recycled bottles and only partnering with manufacturers that pay a fair wage.

The uniform remains unchanged. The price remains unchanged. Opening days and times for the Uniform Shop are every TUESDAY morning from 8am to 11.30am during the school term by appointment only - see below.

Uniform Shop - Response to COVID-19 

The Uniform Shop is open on a TUESDAY morning ONLY until further notice from 8.30am - 11.30am by APPOINTMENT ONLY. 

The BOOKING SYSTEM remains in place for students and / or parents to ensure operations are consistent with social distancing requirements. Only one family will be permitted in the shop at any given time. Students must also make an appointment and should only attend the Uniform Shop outside of class times.

Please click on this link to make a booking: MAKE A BOOKING

If you do not have a booking, or you have not made prior arrangements with the Uniform Shop Manager, Sustainable Schoolwear, the Uniform Shop may not be able to service you. 

Online Sales:

Orders can still be made online for STUDENT PICK UP ONLY. Please note, the Uniform Shop no longer delivers online orders. 

Please click on the link to make an online purchase: HHHS SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLWEAR

Donate Your Outgrown Uniform Items: 

We welcome the donation of secondhand uniform items at the Uniform Shop.

Sustainable Opportunities for HHHS: 

Sustainable Schoolwear will also be partnering with the school  students and community to educate and collaborate on sustainability issues and projects. 

For further information or for any questions, please email:   

Jacqueline Crompton

President, HHHS P&C

General Uniform for Junior Students - Years 7 to 10

Male uniform:

  • short sleeved, sky blue polo shirt with school crest
  • navy cargo shorts or navy cargo long pants (from uniform shop).

Female uniform:

  • short sleeved, sky blue polo shirt with school crest
  • navy pleated skirt or navy boot leg pants (from uniform shop).

General Uniform for Senior Students - Years 11 to 12

Male uniform

  • white polo shirt with school crest or white business shirt with collar
  • navy cargo shorts or navy cargo long pants (from uniform shop)
  • navy tie with school crest (optional).

Female uniform

  • white polo shirt or blouse with school crest
  • navy pleated shirt or navy boot leg pants (from uniform shop)
  • navy tie with school crest (optional).

Hair should be neat and tidy and tied off the face. Make-up should not be worn in school.

Other unisex school approved clothing from Years 7 to 12

  • plain navy cap (school cap available from uniform shop)
  • plain black or navy stockings/tights (to be worn under skirt or shorts)
  • plain black leather shoes with black laces
  • navy scarf with sky blue borders and school crest (available from uniform shop)
  • appropriate school backpacks are required. Handbags are not acceptable.

Sports uniform

  • polo shirt with school colours and school crest
  • navy sports shorts (girls and boys styles available)
  • knee-high navy or sky blue football socks
  • appropriate school backpacks are required. Handbags are not acceptable.

It is expected in PDHPE (personal development, health and physical education) that students will bring and change into their school sport uniform including suitable sport shoes.

The HHHS Sport Uniform is to be worn each Tuesday for Sport. Team uniforms for specific sports such as soccer, rugby, basketball, may be worn when required. These team uniforms are supplied on a loan arrangement by the school.

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