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Co-curricular activities

Stage 4 Extension Program

Hunters Hill High School offers extension classes in both Year 7 and 8. Our school aims to identify gifts and foster talents within children, and provide teaching and learning opportunities for them to achieve their potential by:

  • Enrichment of core curricula at all levels
  • Support for emotional and social needs
  • Specialised programs

The Hunters Hill High School's extension class offers an academically rigorous learning  environment for selected students within a co-educational, comprehensive learning community.

The program fosters a range of enriching learning experiences and academic endeavours. There is differentiated curricula to facilitate imagination, abstraction, creativity and intuitive expression.

What do gifted children need?

  • Understanding of ways in which to maximise their individual potential
  • Curriculum experiences that allow enriched learning
  • Educational programs that foster flexibility, freedom, depth and complexity
  • A learning environment designed to foster creativity and independent learning
  • Learning opportunities which go beyond the normal classroom context
  • Challenging activities which encourage risk taking
  • A sense of belonging by collaborating with like-minded individuals

Is my child exceptional?

Gifted learners often possess:

  • A heightened level of curiosity
  • Capacity to learn at faster rates
  • A wider variety of interests
  • Power of concentration
  • Ability to handle abstract ideas
  • Superior reasoning
  • Flexibility of thinking
  • Ability to see a number of viewpoints
  • Alert and subtle sense of humour
  • Imaginative expression
  • Heightened sensitivity and empathy
  • Leadership skills.

How do I apply?

Students and parents are invited to complete the Expression of Interest form available mid Term 1 on the front page of this website under 'Latest News' and submit the completed form to Hunters Hill High School. Applications Close 9 APRIL 2020 for the 2021 Extension Program.

A panel will review all applications and provide outcome letters to families during Term 2.

Contact Ms Ruth Simpson, Head Teacher: Teaching and Learning, for more information.